Men's Convertible Button Strap and Clip-On Suspenders

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These Convertible suspenders offer the option of wearing them the traditional way with leather button straps, as well as, an easy clip-on alternative. The straps themselves are an elastic material to get a perfect and tight fit. The Button straps and clips are connected by leather trim that can be unfastened to remove either the buttons straps or clip-ons.



  • 2 Ways to wear
    • Button Straps Fastening
    • Clip-On Fastening
  • Elastic Straps = 1 1/4" wide and up to 42" long (extendable)
  • Traditional Button Straps made of Leather
  • Clip-On Fastener made of metal with strong plastic teeth.
  • Buttons Included
  • Boxed
  • Imported